And how it helps you more than them

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Several times in life we experience changing our workplace. Any time it happens, we feel like we have not enough soft skills, not enough experience, not enough recommendations. It is a moment of great fragility. Writing proper recommendation letters for your (ex-)coworkers is a good way to help others. But most of all, it has a very positive effect on yourself too.

Nothing bad in having a real structured letter of recommendation. Even better if you are willing to write one. I believe that nowadays we have a new form of recommendation, based on working social media. LinkedIn, the most…

And how to master it without frustration

indigo blue beetle
indigo blue beetle
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There is one final and inevitable truth in computer science: The machine does nothing but what we ask. The straight consequence is that if there is a point of failure, then it must be us, the humans.

Being honest with ourselves is indeed a great sign of maturity and humbleness. But for a programmer, such a quality is a strong need. It is the foundation of software development. Without admitting we can be wrong, we will not be able to debug a single line of code. Ever.

Know the Tricks

A skilled gamer has a very different style from a newbie. In the…

Tips for effective communication with other tech and non-tech colleagues

Image of person adjusting their suit.
Image of person adjusting their suit.
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As a developer, I know the struggle of being unheard and feeling as if I’m just chattering in the background. Or even being ignored when meeting invitations are sent. Or when the meeting host is not hearing the tech point we want to make. But having charisma and — most of all — learning communication basics to demonstrate it, can make a solid difference in all those situations you want to be considered in but fail to be noticed.

In the following article, you can find some advice to make the difference. I will be adding a few practical examples…

5+ Tips to boost unexpected (overnight) working hours

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Developers often work in a fast-moving environment. Sometimes only because it is our own will, sometimes due to our bad time management, other times due to the bad manager requiring us some stuff ASAP (though it was possible to prevent it!), or just because the customer really needs it on time (and l we could not foresee it), no matter what, but there is a very harsh deadline requesting us to work extra hours, even overnight. In such a case there are a few things to keep in mind to have your primary tool (your brain) working properly. Here we…

And How This Changed my Developer Life

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Just a common working day, code pairing with shared screen. We stumbled upon an issue and my colleague and I was searching for answers. He looked at the top right of the StackOverflow page and said “Man! I did not expect you were such a ninja!”.

Back few years. It was one day just like another. I was working for my Information Engineering Ph.D. when a colleague dropped in my office for a chat. He had just spent a period as an intern at Google and suggested a brand new framework he had seen there. …

A better understanding of why “You Aren’t Gonna Need It”

Wooden piece of artwork
Wooden piece of artwork
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Being an enthusiast and a maker at the same time is a great source of conflict. Many incomplete projects have been held back by enthusiasts who were so fascinated and excited by what they were doing that they kept testing, adding partial features, designing a big scheme, preparing future developments, changing frameworks, libraries, etc. Ultimately, they never released it, jumping to another side project.

To avoid this great problem and to boost efficiency, there are several strategies. One of the trendiest is YAGNI, which stands for “You Aren't Gonna Need It” (with little variations). …

Know what actually goes on under the hood so that you aren’t surprised

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Python is a trendy programming language. It has a very easy syntax that is close to plain English and usually clear for beginners. This has made Python one of the most widely used programming languages at the moment.

Despite being so common among beginners, some Python-designed features can be combined and lead to unexpected possibilities. Many times, that implies an undesired behavior and thus a bug. Most programmers accustomed to classic programming languages (such as C, C++, C#, and Java) may find the following examples really surprising.

The examples are also accessible and executable on Replit.

1. Monkey Patching

Changing the instance of…

And why it’s as not trendy as it used to be

Frustrated woman on the floor
Frustrated woman on the floor
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Not that long ago, recursion was quite trendy. It represented a way to effectively code few lines, operating on a few memory resources with great efficiency.

Most of the effective divide et impera algorithms are based on recursion as well as tree scraping and graph traversing. Fast-forward to today, and many software engineers have worked for years without coding a single recursive function. Why is that?

Powerful and Efficient

The greatest issue with recursion is that it is way more complex to design, implement, and maintain than loop-based solutions. …

4 coding examples of powerful but contrasting differences between the two programming languages

Blank notebook
Blank notebook
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The seaside in the summertime. What is the difference between being there as a child with your parents and as a young adult with your friends? OK, maybe programmers don’t love the seaside. Or they just don’t like sand. But as young adults, we’re finally tasting freedom from our parents and external rules (more or less).

Fast-forward to developer life. Java is designed with rules to restrict the freedom of the programmer, imposing choices and structure. Python has a completely different philosophy, leaving the choice and responsibility of potentially breaking the design to the programmer.

Here are some of the…

The Right Soft Skills Balance to Make the Teamwork Effective

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A work team should be like a nice blend of coffee, tea, or beer: the right flavor, the right balance of all the characteristics making its perfect flavor. A lot of effort and patience are necessary to achieve this perfect harmony. However not all the profiles and resumes are the same. As if you were composing a basketball team you need a player for each role, so you should do when selecting people, or arranging them in teams.

The Six Heroes Composing Your Dream Team

Life in a programming team is made of many different tasks. And as it happens for ice cream, we all have our…

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